Please enjoy looking at the pictures of our beautiful dogs that have played a big part in stealing our hearts at
TULARRAHBLUE in the past & now.

~ Our Siberians ~

Clair is being shown by our Daughter in Townsville.

Black & White Girl is Echo now lives at Redank Qld with her new owner Calinda.

Chocolate & White Girl is Koko and lives with her new owners at Townsville Terese & Lucas

 Smudge, yes that's right her name is Smudge. She looked like she had her nose dipped in ink like a smudge when born and the name has stuck. Her one and only Dog Show was the Toowoomba Royal on the 26th March 2009. Smudge won her class but lost to her brother Dillon for Best Baby Puppy of Breed.
Smudge is now being spoilt with a good family in Townsville

Zeus a beautiful boy now in Mackay Qld and is being spoilt by his new owners

Zeus is his Kennel which i might add his owners have inside as i said he is spoilt and thats the sort of people we like for our puppies.

Here's Maddie,Woody and Ally a few hours old

Same little guys a month later
Ally on the left Maddie on the right and Woody taking advantage of their mum - Kelsey catching a few ZZZ's
Ally is back home from Townsville


And the last of the three is Woody

As you can see from the photo's they grow and change fast, these three are currently being shown through-out Queensland.

This is Kain. He is now residing in Darwin

Kain & Delta playing.

ein Bildein Bild
Rocco & Holly love a good game of catch me & rough wrestling just after their swim in the pool 

Rowdi is from Roxy & Cruz and now lives in Newcastle N.S.W

ein Bildein Bild
Mesha at 3 months of age (1995)
ein Bild
Conan aged 2 years in 1997
ein Bildein Bildein Bildein Bild
Zrox                 Flame                Cruz                    Shay
ein Bild
Jasmine at 8 weeks of age

ein Bild
       Cassie at 8 weeks old
ein Bild
Conan at 8 weeks old (1995)
ein Bild
Angela and Kayla in Junior Handlers

ein Bild
 Mesha & Conan & Karen in 1997
ein Bild
Lounge lizard Shay taken 2005

ein Bild
              Dakota in 2004
ein Bild
left to right - Mesha, Gemma & Zrox

 Sabar with his new owner Teressa

 ~ Our Alaskan Malamutes ~ 
ein Bild

ein Bild
          Angela & Gemma relaxing after pulling Santa to town for the local Lions Club

ein Bild
Mac in a park in Rockhampton (Qld) 2006

ein Bild

ein Bild
 Mac in a park at Toowoomba 2006

ein Bild
Gemma at Noosa Ag Show 1997

ein Bild
Mac aged 6 weeks (2005)

ein Bild
Mac eating the Xmas tree 2006

ein Bild
Mac at the Carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba (Qld) 2006

ein Bild
Gemma in 1997

ein Bild
Gemma in 1996

If you could see Chance now the red soil at Toowoomba has his whites looking a lovely shade of red
Chance was a Cruz / Roxy mating

Travis with his puppy Chance getting a ear wash

Rocco enjoying having his chest scratched by Felicity (Flick)

Ice, Roxy and Mesha








Chief Stewards (Dog Section) for the Esk Show Society Since 2000 - Current
Chief Stewards (Dog Section) for the Lowood Show Society 2009/2010
Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc starts it's Show Training nights on Wednesday nights at 7.30 pm at the Coominya Recreation Reserve for those interested in attending please phone club President Alan-John Knight. Always looking for new members to the Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc if you would like to join Membership is only $6 per year please email me.
May 2008 Alan-John Appointed as a committee member to Canine Control Council's Judicial Tribunal Committee

2009 Karen appointed Life Membership to Lockyer Valley Kennel Club INC for her hard work.

2010 Alan-John appointed Life Membership to Lockyer Valley Kennel Club INC for all his hard work.

2012 Alan-John appointed Councillor - Canine Control Council

2013 Alan-John appointed to the Dog of the Year Committee.
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