(Clair aka Clair Bear) 

Clair is a beautiful Chocolate And White girl with blue eyes.

Clair's sire is Ice - TULARRAHBLUE ICE BREAKA and her dam is Sharona - TULARRAHBLUE MY SHARONA.
Sadly Clair's  mum - Sharona passed away at Christmas time 2009.
Both Ice and Sharona have passed on their gentle nature on to this stunning girl.

Clair Bear as she is affectionly known was being shown by our daughter Angela in Townsville and surrounding areas of North Queensland with great results and now she is back home with us.

Clair's wins that she accumulated whilst with Angela are -

  • Baby of Breed
  • Baby in Group
  • Reserve Baby in Group
  • Baby in Show
  • Reserve Baby in Show
  • Baby Puppy Sweepstakes
 Clair will be taking a break from the Show Scene to grow her new coat.

DOB - 15/08/2008

This girl is sure living up to her show name, her sire is Cruz - TULARRAHBLUE CRUZ RULZ and her dam is Sharona - TULARRAHBLUE MY SHARONA.

Delta just loves to have her belly rubbed.

Delta has had a very limited show career as Karen can only show so many.

Delta's wins so far are -

  • Baby Puppy of Breed
  • Minor Puppy of Breed
  • Runner-Up of Breed

    Delta is maturing into a nice showdog and is taking time out to grow her new adult coat. 

    Delta will be back in the Show Scene July / August 2010.



Maddie is sweet by name and sweet by nature. 
 I don't think she has a mean bone in her body and is growing up into a beautiful Siberian with her dad - Cruz  TULARRAHBLUE CRUZ RULZ exceptional movement.

Maddie has her grandmothers Shay - AUST CH ICEWIND MYSTIC MOONSHAY sweet nature and to be honest you wouldn't even know she was here she is such a good girl.

This photo taken at Toowoomba on the way back from a dog show

Maddie has done well in the showring and her results so far are -
  • Several Baby of Breed wins 
  • Best Baby in Group wins 
  • Several Minor Puppy of Breed wins 
  • Minor Puppy in Group win 
  • Numerous Challenge Bitch wins 
  • Numerous Reserve Challenge Bitch wins 
  • Best of Breed wins 
  • Runner-Up of Breed wins 
  • Puppy of Breed wins 
  • Best Puppy in Group win 
  • Awarded 3rd place in the Non Champion Sweepstakes 
    (against different breeds and more mature dogs)
  • Junior of Breed win 
  • Junior in Group win 
  • Intermediate of Breed wins 
  • State Bred of Breed wins 
  • Few Best State Bred in Group wins 
  • Couple of Best State Bred in SHOW wins

    11/07/2009 - Angela showing Maddie but I think Maddie didn't have her heart in it this week-end as she seemed depressed, I think she knew her friend Holly had passed away the day before and was missing her terribly.

03/08/2010 - pictured above is Karen handling Maddie and competing against the winners of the other groups for Best State Bred in Show and pictured below is Maddie and Karen winning Best State Bred in Show.


DOB - 15/03/2008

Ally is Maddie's litter sister.

Ally's wins so far are -

  • Several Baby Sweepstakes
  • 8 Baby Puppy of Breed
  • 4 Baby Puppy in Group
  • Reserve Baby in Group
  • 1 Baby Puppy in Show
  • 4 Minor Puppy of Breed

ein Bild
 01/12/2006 - 10/07/09
Holly has sadly passed away suddenly, why we're not sure but she will be missed very much here as she was not only our dog but she was my Holly as I called her and she knew she was mine not Karen's, but she is now with my Jed and the rest of the gang I didn't get to say goodbye too. Goodbye my Holly till we see each other again we all loved you heaps.

Holly is our newest edition to the Sibe Tribe family. She is chocolate and white and has the most stunning blue eyes.

ein Bild
Holly at 10 weeks old with her
 "LOOK AT ME " attitude.

Holly attended her first conformation show on the 3/3/2007. Holly was alittle unsure about all the noises around her throughout the night, with time and practise Holly will be flying around the show ring. Holly went up against Rocco (Tularrahblue Ghost Rider) for Baby eliminations and won Baby of Breed in the Championship show. The Judge looked at giving Holly Baby in Group but Holly moved and missed out this time.

Holly, just like Rocco also has the ideal lifestyle and her favourite pastime is swimming (under supervision), you could say Holly's part duck and if she could she would be in the pool 24/7. You just about have to drag her out, much to Holly's disgust.

ein Bildein Bild
Introducing - Little Miss Water Baby 2007 

  Holly & Rocco competing against each other after winning their own classes and our daughter Angela handled Holly.

Holly ended up winning Baby Puppy of Breed

Holly posing for some photos with Angela

Holly and Karen going up against the other baby winners from her Group - she ended up losing to my daughter Angela winning Baby in Group with her Alaskan Malamute baby.

Holly and Karen having their picture taken with the Judge at the Pine Rivers Kennel Club Show when Holly won Baby in Group.
"More pictures of Holly in our "PHOTO GALLERY" page


ein Bild
DOB - 07/03/2004

More information to come

 (*Pointed - Started gaining points towards Australian Champion Status)

ein Bild
20/12/2000 - 27/12/2009
More information to come
More pictures of Sharona in our "PHOTO GALLERY" page
 (*Pointed - Started gaining points towards Australian Champion Status)



ein Bild
20/11/2000 - 04/07/2010

Kelsey and Sharona are from the same litter and I call them my book ends as they are very much alike with the exception of one having a blue eye on the left and the other having a blue eye on the right.

Kelsey is a great mum & both the sisters have Shay's beautiful temperment and gentle nature
More information to come
ein Bild
1997 - 2005

 More information to come

More pictures of Jasmine in our "PHOTO GALLERY" page



ein Bild
1997 - 2006
More information to come

More pictures of Cassie in our "PHOTO GALLERY" page

 (*Pointed - Started gaining points towards Australian Champion Status)


ein Bild
DOB - 02/02/1995 - August 2010

Shay is a beautiful light red and white girl with brown eyes and so gentle in nature. Shay came from a Show Exhibitor / Breeder here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Angela purchased Shay with the money she had saved up from  her handling of other exhibitors dogs. Shay and Angela flew around the ring and looked good together.

ein Bild
Shay and Angela in Junior Handlers

As Shay has such a beautiful temperament she was a dog that any child could take out and show in Junior Handler classes. Shay has passed her wonderful traits onto her offspring as well. Shay has a nick name - Miss Prissy as she always looked so danty and femine.

Shay is also retired from the show ring and enjoying her layed back lifestyle so much so that she looks like a coffee table. Shay is one of the exceptions of a Siberian that isn't always on the go in fact if Shay could she would sleep on the lounge for 23 hours of the day, the other hour is for eating (her favourite pastime) and walking around checking things out like where the lizards are hiding.

ein Bild

Listed below are some of Shays wins -

  • Multiple Classes in Show

  • Multiple Classes in Group

  • Numerous Challenges & Best of Breed

  • Multiple Puppy Sweepstates

  • Multiple Baby Sweepstakes

  • Lots of wins and placings for children in Junior Handlers

Shay's children, grand children and great grand children are currently out and about in the show ring.

Shay has been retired to a friends house where she can enjoy living with her daughter.

   More pictures of Shay in our "PHOTO GALLERY" page






Chief Stewards (Dog Section) for the Esk Show Society Since 2000 - Current
Chief Stewards (Dog Section) for the Lowood Show Society 2009/2010
Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc starts it's Show Training nights on Wednesday nights at 7.30 pm at the Coominya Recreation Reserve for those interested in attending please phone club President Alan-John Knight. Always looking for new members to the Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc if you would like to join Membership is only $6 per year please email me.
May 2008 Alan-John Appointed as a committee member to Canine Control Council's Judicial Tribunal Committee

2009 Karen appointed Life Membership to Lockyer Valley Kennel Club INC for her hard work.

2010 Alan-John appointed Life Membership to Lockyer Valley Kennel Club INC for all his hard work.

2012 Alan-John appointed Councillor - Canine Control Council

2013 Alan-John appointed to the Dog of the Year Committee.
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