DOB - 29/06/2009
Wolf is the new kid on the block here at
TULARRAHBLUE. Wolf was bred by our daughter Angela from Almytee Kennels.

Wolf is a Grey & White boy with brown eyes. His sire is Stryker - AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION CHYNNA PROTECTOROFTHERING and his dam is our beautiful girl Ally -TULARRAHBLUE ALABAMA SLAMA.  

Wolf has correct movement, good reach and drive as well as a beautiful head just like his mum - Ally. 

Wolf loves to play in the water bucket so it's going to be a job keeping his front legs nice and white.

On the 3rd November 2009, Wolf started his "Show Career"

Way to go Wolf - what an impressive start it was too, on he first outing in the show ring Wolf won - 
"Best Baby Puppy in Group"

Wolf's show wins so far are -

  • Baby Puppy of Breed (Champ Show)
  • 1 Baby Puppy Of Breed (Open Show)
  • 1 Best Baby Puppy in Group (Champ Show)

    Wolf is now old enough to be entered in the Minor Puppy class and as of the 03/04/2010 he has now kick started his Australian Champion title. Wolf's wins so far are -

  • 1 Challenge Dog (Champ Show)
  • 2 Reserve Challenge Dog (Champ Show)
  • 4 - 1st placings in Minor Puppy Dog class (Champ Show)
  • 4 Minor Puppy of Breed (Champ Show)
  • 1 Minor Puppy in Group (Champ Show) 
We entered Wolf in 1 Show (30/03/2010) in the Puppy class and his results for that are -

  • 4 Challenge Dog (Champ Show)
  • 5 Reserve Challenge Dog (Champ Show) 
  • 5 Puppy of Breed wins (Champ Show) 
  • 2 Puppy in Group wins (Champ Show) 
(*Pointed - Starting gaining points towards Australian Champion Title)

DOB - 17/12/2008
Another member to the TULARRAHBLUE tribe is Dillon pictured here at 10 weeks 

His sire is Cruz - TULARRAHBLUE CRUZ RULZ (sadly Cruz passed away 29/06/2010)
(sadly Holly passed away 10/07/2009).

Dillon's first show will be on 26th March 2009 at the
Toowoomba Royal.

Dillon is another in your face puppy who has a mischievious personality to boot as well. If your looking for something it will most likely be in Dillon's mouth.

Dillon's show wins so far are - 

  • 12 Baby Puppy of Breed (Champ Show)
  • 6 Baby Puppy of Breed (Open Shows)
  • 1 Baby Puppy in Group (Champ Show)
  • 1 Baby Puppy in Group (Open Show)
  • 3 Minor Puppy of Breed (Champ Show)
  • 3 Puppy of Breed (Champ Show)
  • 1 Puppy of Breed (Open Show)
  • 1 Reserve Challenge Dog (Champ Show)
  • 1 Reserve Dog (Open Show)

    Dillon with Angela - our daughter showing him at the Laidley Show 11/06/09 she flew down from Townsville for the week end.

    Dillon is such a cheeky boy with a big future ahead of him.
    This boy has the same look as his mother Holly when she was a youngster - so Dillon my boy you've got a big shoes to fill.

At the moment Dillon is taking time out to grow his new coat and will be out of the ring for a while.


More pictures of "Dillon" on our "PHOTO GALLERY" page

ICE BREAKA (*Pointed)
ein Bild
DOB - 07/03/2004 

Ice is a top of the standard, red and white boy with stunning blue eyes.
Ice is from Cruz -  TULARRAHBLUE CRUZ RULZ (sadly Cruz passed away 29/06/2010)


Well, what can I say about this in your face, attention seeking, class clown, except he loves us heaps and heaps and heaps. In fact if Ice could I'm sure he would jump into one of our pockets so he could be with us everywhere - 24 hours, 7 days a week.

In the show ring Ice has had his share of wins especially with his sister Roxxy as they take turns in winning. Having just come out of Baby Class (3 to under 6 months) Ice won  his first Challenge and Best of Breed award at 6 months and 2 days of age. Whilst Ice is in Junior Class will be semi retired from the show ring until he matures.

Listed below are some of Ice's wins - 

  • Junior in Group
  • Puppy in Group 
  • Numerous Dog Challenges
  • Best of Breed Awards
  • Puppy Sweepstakes
  • Baby Puppy of Breed
  • Baby Puppy in Group
  • Baby Sweepstakes

Ice will always be just like Peter Pan
- the boy who never grew up.

 More pictures of "Ice" on our "PHOTO GALLERY" page
  (*Pointed - Starting gaining points towards Australian Champion Title)

ein Bild
pictured here at 5 weeks old
(18/11/1999 - 29/07/2010)

Cruz is a beautiful black and white boy with brown eyes. Cruz is a Conan - AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION WEISH GEEWIZ WIZ KID son thru and thru, but a black and white version.

ein Bild
Picture of Cruz taken January 2007

Cruz has had a limited show career as he was not really interested in being in the ring - his choice not ours. Whilst Cruz has been a house dog we often look at his impeccable movement and stunning jet black coat colour and wonder what if Cruz had of loved the show ring. 
Cruz would rather make out with the girls nowdays and pass his traits onto his children like his dad Conan did to him.
Listed below are some of Cruz's wins before his retirement as a Junior dog -
  • Best Puppy in Group
  • Puppy of Breed
  • Minor Puppy in Group 
  • Minor Puppy of Breed
More pictures of "Cruz" on our "PHOTO GALLERY" page 







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