The construction of our kennels has been a long project probably now over four to five years and as money has permitted but it is nearly finished with the interior to be finished and some touches on the outside.

Last updated on the 17 / 06 / 2011

This is the Kennel in kit form doesn't look like much there on the ground

Everytime the footings were dug out it would rain so Karen kept cleaning them out for around  a week or so before council inspection and approval.


I had some photo's somewhere but can't find them but without Andy's help it would have taken alot longer -  so thanks ANDY.

Ready for wire, then insulation, and finally the roof we used an acoustic noise insulation it cost a little more but worth every cent and easy to work with it not only helps with the heat but also helps to dampen any noise


 Roof capping going on. Andy and Arron doing a great job on the roof and a big thanks goes to you Arron & Andy for all your help and Andy's here somewhere. 

This is supposed to be the day we arranged to poured the concrete slab but as you can see the ground is so damp and wet after all the rain that it had to be cancelled for a couple of weeks until Nelson and his concrete gang have their next RDO. 

The rear of our kennel overlooks our dam. At the back of it will be fenced off and there will be some stairs leading down to the water so the dogs can play in the dam and keep cool on the hot days as our guys love swimming.


Yippee -  the first load of concrete going in.  All the concrete had to be bought in by the bobcat due to ground being too soft for the cement truck


My good friend Nelson who is Chief Works Manager for the local council and his crew of concreters pouring the slab and what a day that was. The cement truck starting sinking half way down the yard so the bobcat had to bring all the cement down in its bucket took around an extra 3 hours this way, but it was worth it.  The guys did a great job to which Karen and I are very thankful for.

You can see the cement truck way back in the distance and the damage the bobcat was doing during the pour. This is a photo of him trying to level the ground again so he can continue.

You cant tell by these photos but we actually have the concrete sloping so the urine rolls along the concrete and goes into the drain that is central in the kennels.

                   Nelson on the helicopter smoothing out the concrete.


Our son Travis  is sealing the concrete with a oil based sealer so that no waste or odour penatrates into the concrete and it makes life easier for Karen when cleaning. Two coats and a couple of hundred dollars later its come up really good.

Having the septic installed, Really pleased the way it's turned out with the run off in the kennel's.

Hardest part of this was shoveling the gravel in the trench.

After the slab had dried it was time to close the ends of the building up, now that the sealant was put down. You really notice a change in it, now it resembles a kennel so with a little more time and money it will be fully finished soon well hopefully.

I have already closed the ends of the building up and the part i like the most is the wireless surveillance system i have a camera inside the kennels and it transmits up to the house in colour with sound to a television we have in the dining room and I have installed a system thats better than a intercom, I have  a radio in the kennels connected to a p.a speaker and another radio up in the house so when it's all finished we can watch the dogs from inside the house and talk to them or if Karen or I are down in the kennels we can talk to the other in the house its a brillant system and more effective than an expensive system but we will always know whats going on inside the kennels.

Here's the kennels after it's nearly completed still needs a few touch's just to make it more pleasing to the eye but all in all it's done, Have added a security steel door to the outside just to prevent any escapes should one get out of a pen and some how open the sliding door.

Ended up buying this Kitchen of Ebay just have to fit in into the Kennel and it came complete with all appliances which was a bonus but I dont think we need the dishwasher in the kennel and only took Karen and I around two hours and forty minutes and get it out without damaging any part of it, Looking forward to putting it in. Will update the photo when installed into the kennel.

Our friend John Jamieson has kindly donated a split system aircontioning system for the kennels the dogs and us say thanks John & Audrey.

I should also take this time to thank a few of the people who have helped along the way:

Nelson without his help it would have taken so much longer he is a wealth of knowledge.

Andy  thanks Andy you have been more than a friend to us and I will always be greatful for your help.

Arron , Arron took time of work without pay just to come out and help me because my back had been playing up thanks mate.
Travis thanks for your help

Angela while she was down here on holidays got into closing up the ends of the kennels she makes a great off sider thanks angela.

Karen, well karen for a girl puts a lot of guys to shame always willing to do more than she should but gets into it without complaining well some times lol.

P.S always looking for more helpers if you have a few hours to spare theirs a heap of fencing to sort out and I would greatly accept any help thanks always welcome to stay overnight as well -2011


The Kennel will measure when all completed almost 20 metres long by nearly 10 metres wide and will have nine - 3 metres by 4 metres bays, a Kitchen/Grooming bay on one side at the front.

Still have the outside runs to build yet as well as the landscaping but one thing at a time. We will keep updating the photos as the build continues.




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