Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc

We have been members of Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc for some time now and take pride in the fact the L.V.K.C. Inc is one of Queensland's Premier Kennel Clubs.

Alan-John is the President of the club and Karen is Show Secretary and also a life member for all her hard work over the years & I thank her for all she has done for the club knowing she gets really busy around our May and June show date as well as being Steward for the dog section of the Esk Show Society for their show so thanks honey I do appreciate you.

The club has for years done it's own catering at our dog shows and other clubs dog shows all from under a tarp, well that has all changed now with the club buying a second hand catering van and its' first show to cater at was the Sunshine Coast Kennel Club where we made our debut.

ein Bild

Well it turned out to be a hot day inside the van but we all welcomed the ease it now takes us to clean up as we go, so come the end of the day we just close the door and tow it home.

As it turned out Karen was at home whelping a litter of puppies we had to ask a friend of ours - Mr Andy Field to show Karen's Alaskan Malamute and he did a good job too. Andy and Mac got first in their class, Reserve Challenge dog as well as Runner Up Best Of Breed. Must say not to bad Andy for your first time out with Mac. "THANK YOU ANDY".

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The 2nd & 3rd of December 2006 saw our Club hold its first two day show at Coominya which is about an hour out of Brisbane, Queensland. 

We had the pleasure of having the President of the Canine Control Council (QLD) - Mr Barry Vickers, Esk Shire Councillor - Mr Bob Whalley, Federal Minister - Mr Cameron Thompson and myself - Alan-John Knight offically open the show at our new grounds - the Coominya Recreation Reserve.

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left to right - Mr Vicker, Mr Whalley, Mr Thompson and yes I'm the one that needs to lose a few pounds on the right. lol
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Club Members John and Alison having a yak


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We used a few portashades to seat all the Judges at the show.

After the first show was over on Saturday our club had organized to have a night of Karaoke from 7pm till 11pm for the people who had camped overnight as well as the local town residents. Wow it turned out to be a great night for all.

Here's some of the photos of that night.

ein Bild

Now some of these girls told me they would never get up there and sing well guess what after a few drinks they couldnt be stopped as you can see they were having a ball.

ein Bild

This is Emma who just happens to be our son Travis girlfriend and she has the voice of an angel. Boy the girl can sing, everyone kept telling me she was making them look bad. lol

ein Bild

The group of girls was getting bigger and bigger as the night went on.

ein Bild

Some of the crowd having a good time. Smile'n Joanne getting a bit tipsy.

ein Bild

Local resident of Coominya - Mr Charlie Paige singing away while Debbie who exhibits Corgis dances to the beat.

ein Bild

I saw Karen coming with the camera so I tried to hide but she got me.

Well thats it for Saturday's show, I didnt take any photos of Sunday's show sorry too busy but keep checking back from time to time as I will keep adding photos from all future shows.
Bye for now..........








Chief Stewards (Dog Section) for the Esk Show Society Since 2000 - Current
Chief Stewards (Dog Section) for the Lowood Show Society 2009/2010
Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc starts it's Show Training nights on Wednesday nights at 7.30 pm at the Coominya Recreation Reserve for those interested in attending please phone club President Alan-John Knight. Always looking for new members to the Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc if you would like to join Membership is only $6 per year please email me.
May 2008 Alan-John Appointed as a committee member to Canine Control Council's Judicial Tribunal Committee

2009 Karen appointed Life Membership to Lockyer Valley Kennel Club INC for her hard work.

2010 Alan-John appointed Life Membership to Lockyer Valley Kennel Club INC for all his hard work.

2012 Alan-John appointed Councillor - Canine Control Council

2013 Alan-John appointed to the Dog of the Year Committee.
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