This page is dedicated to the wonderful Siberian Huskies (living and deceased) that stole an enormous piece of our hearts as
well as those Siberians that helped form the "TULARRAHBLUE" kennels of today.

Mesha (now deceased)
(the first Siberian that started our addiction)
ein Bild
   30/11/1994 - 29/05/2009
Photo of Mesha taken when he was 14 months old in front of his "Wall of Fame"
Mesha as he is affectionately known is a Wolf Grey and White Siberian with brown eyes. Mesha is also our first Siberian Husky and through him we have learnt plenty along the way, one thing being that this breed is extremely addictive.
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left to right - Mesha, Gemma & Zrox 
(photo taken 1997)

Mesha has a wonderful passion for young children and his gentle nature is his biggest asset. I remember years ago when we only had 3 Siberians every Friday we would take them for a run along the jetty at the waterfront in Wynnum, one day Mesha slipped his collar and took off like a rocket - joy of freedom. Mesha raced up to a family that had a young girl on crutches, stood up on his hind legs and gently put his paws on her shoulders and started giving her Sibe kisses (licking) to her face.

The young girl was overjoyed that Mesha had done this as we were told by her parents that animals usually don't come near her because of her crutches.

Mesha is truly a real "gentleman" in every sense of the word. 

Mesha has been retired from the show ring for a few years now and oversees the Sibe/Mal Tribe at TULARRAHBLUE and makes sure everything runs smoothly throughout our little pack.

Mesha in his hey day has won numerous awards throughout his show career.

Listed below are some of his wins - 
  • Reserve Exhibit in Show
  • Various Classes in Show
  • Consolation In Show
  • Multiple Best Exhibit in Group
  • Reserve Exhibit in Group
  • Multiple Classes in Group
  • Numerous Challenges & Reserve Challenges 
  • Numerous Best of Breed Awards & Runner-Up of Breed
  • Numerous Minor Puppy and Puppy in Group
  • Numerous Minor Puppy and Puppy of Breed
  • Puppy Sweepstakes
    More pictures of "Mesha" on our "PHOTO GALLERY" page.

    - Conan (now deceased)
    (the second Siberian that entered our lives)
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25/10/1995 - 23/04/2007
Sadly our Conan man passed away and is no longer here with us at TULARRAHBLUE
Conan played a big part in our kennels and will always be in our eyes the most handsome copper and white Siberian with brown eyes (one eye is parti coloured) with alot of "SPUNK" and "ATTITUDE". We will never forget you "Conan".

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.  You are his life,  his love, his leader.  He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” - Cicero  

Conan became our second Siberian to reside with us. Conan came from a show/racing kennel in Kilmore, Melbourne, Victoria.

The whole family was eagarly awaiting his arrival at the airport. Whilst waiting at the freight section at the Brisbane airport we spotted a tan and brown plastic airline crate in the distance perched high on top of boxes and stuff heading towards us. After a little bit of paper work we finally saw Conan sitting in his little crate wondering what all the fuss is about. We quickly took the little man outside, opened his door and greeted him with big cuddles.

ein Bild ein Bild
All of us greeting Conan at the airport for the first time.

Conan and Mesha get on like a house on fire. They are the best of buddies and always will be no matter what girl comes along.

Conan has always been a Siberian with a little spunk, I can recall Conan's first show at Hillsborough in Newcastle, New South Wales as a baby. It was actually 3 shows over one weekend. Our first time in the ring together was for Baby Sweepstakes, Conan went round like a trooper didn't miss a beat. We made the final cut of 5. Great I thought, but when it came time for Conan to strut his stuff again he threw himself on the ground and started running whilst lying down.

Everyone around us burst into laughter, they must have thought it was cute as well as funny, as for me I was so embarrassed I must have turn the brightest shade of red. Well the Judge must have loved Conan as she awarded him a 3rd place. Things got better over that weekend as Conan went on to win two Baby of Breed, two Baby in Group as well as winning a 2nd place in the Baby Sweepstakes the next day. Not bad for his first outing.

ein Bild
Conan as a puppy at Maleny Ag Show - 1996 

While Conan may not be in the show ring now he still gets around the place with his "Mighty than thou" attitude and he likes to think that he is the top dog but when it comes down to the crunch it will always be Mesha that rules the roost.

Listed below are some of Conan's wins -
  • Various Classes in Show
  • Reserve in Group
  • Multiple Classes in Group
  • Numerous Dog Challenges and Reserve Dog Challenges
  • Several Best of Breed and Runner-Up of Breed Awards
  • Multiple Minor Puppy and Puppy of Breed
  • Minor Puppy and Puppy in Group
  • Multiple Puppy Sweepstakes
  • Baby Puppy in Show
  • Multiple Baby Puppy in Group
  • Multiple Baby Sweepstakes
  • Multiple Baby Puppy of Breed
More pictures of "Conan" on our "PHOTO GALLERY" page.

- Shay
ein Bild
DOB - 02/02/1995 - August 2010

02/02/2010 - Shay the Grand Old Lady turns 15 years old today and her daughter that resides with her - Shakye turned 13 years old on the 01/02/2010 - "Way to go Ladies".
Shay is a beautiful light red and white girl with brown eyes and so gentle in nature. Shay came from a Show Exhibitor / Breeder here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Angela purchased Shay with the money she had saved up from  her handling of other exhibitors dogs. Shay and Angela flew around the ring and looked good together.

ein Bild
Shay and Angela in Junior Handlers

As Shay has such a beautiful temperament she was a dog that any child could take out and show in Junior Handler classes. Shay has passed her wonderful traits onto her offspring as well. Shay has a nick name - Miss Prissy as she always looked so danty and femine.

Shay is also retired from the show ring and enjoying her layed back lifestyle so much so that she looks like a coffee table. Shay is one of the exceptions of a Siberian that isn't always on the go in fact if Shay could she would sleep on the lounge for 23 hours of the day, the other hour is for eating (her favourite pastime) and walking around checking things out like where the lizards are hiding.

ein Bild

Listed below are some of Shays wins -

  • Multi Classes in Show Winner

  • Multi Classes in Group Winner

  • Numerous Challenges & Best of Breed Winner

  • Multi Puppy Sweepstates Winner

  • Multi Baby Sweepstakes Winner

  • Lots of wins and placings for children in Junior Handlers

Although Shay's children - Sharona and Kelsey (now deceased) are no longer in the showring, their children and grandchildren and Shay's grand children and great grand children are currently out and about in the show ring.

Shay has been retired to a friends house where she currently living with her daughter Shakye - TULARRAHBLUE DEJA VU (who is from our very first litter bred at TULARRAHBLUE).

   More pictures of "Shay" in our "PHOTO GALLERY" page

- Jasmine (now deceased)
ein Bild
1997 - 2005

 Jasmine was a beautiful chocolate and white girl who shone out amoungst her litter mates - party of 6 and we knew she was going to be a stunner - hence her name TULARRAHBLUE DETHBYCHKLT (Death By Chocolate),
back in 1997 we were only allowed 24 letters including our prefix and spaces and that is how we came up with the spelling of Jasmine's name.

More pictures of "Jasmine" in our "PHOTO GALLERY" page

- Cassie (deceased) *Pointed

ein Bild
1997 - 2006
More information to come

More pictures of "Cassie" in our "PHOTO GALLERY" page

 (*Pointed - Started gaining points towards Australian Champion Status)

- Holly (deceased)
  ein Bild

 01/12/2006 - 10/07/2009
Holly has sadly passed away suddenly, why we're not sure but she will be missed very much here as she was not only our dog but she was my Holly as I called her and she knew she was mine not Karen's, but she is now with my Jed and the rest of the gang I didn't get to say goodbye too. Goodbye my Holly till we see each other again, we all loved you heaps.

Holly is our newest edition to the Sibe Tribe family. She is chocolate and white and has the most stunning blue eyes.

ein Bild
Holly at 10 weeks old with her
 "LOOK AT ME " attitude.

Holly attended her first conformation show on the 3/3/2007. Holly was alittle unsure about all the noises around her throughout the night, with time and practise Holly will be flying around the show ring. Holly went up against Rocco (Tularrahblue Ghost Rider) for Baby eliminations and won Baby of Breed in the Championship show. The Judge looked at giving Holly Baby in Group but Holly moved and missed out this time.

Holly, just like Rocco also has the ideal lifestyle and her favourite pastime is swimming (under supervision), you could say Holly's part duck and if she could she would be in the pool 24/7. You just about have to drag her out, much to Holly's disgust.

ein Bildein Bild
Introducing - Little Miss Water Baby 2007 

  Holly & Rocco competing against each other after winning their own classes and our daughter Angela handled Holly.

Holly ended up winning Baby Puppy of Breed

Holly posing for some photos with Angela

Holly and Karen going up against the other baby winners from her Group - they ended up losing to my daughter Angela winning Baby in Group with her Alaskan Malamute baby.

Holly and Karen having their picture taken at the Pine Rivers Kennel Club Show with the Judge who award Holly Baby in Group.

"More pictures of "Holly" in our "PHOTO GALLERY" page
TULARRAHBLUE MY SHARONA - Sharona (deceased) *Pointed
ein Bild
 20/12/2000 - 27/12/2009
More information to come

(*Pointed - Started gaining points towards Australian Champion Status)
More pictures of "Sharona" in our "PHOTO GALLERY" page

TATHAR CIANTHUS MIST - Flame (deceased)
- Rocco
ein Bild
DOB - 01/12/2006
at 4 weeks old 
Rocco is a Grey and White boy with bi-eyes (one blue, one brown), he also has a parti- eye (a bit of blue in his brown eye).
ein Bild
Rocco (10 weeks old) running around showing off with a piece of paper in his mouth.

Rocco is from our first boy Mesha - AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION ARCTICAURORA NANTANLUPAN and Kelsey - TULARRAHBLUE ALLFIRED UP is his mum. This boy has his father (Mesha) attitude which is layed back and carefree.

ein Bild
Rocco (12 weeks old) and Karen getting a little practice in before they hit the ring.
Rocco attended his first conformation show on the 3/3/2007. His results are on the "Show Results" page.
ein Bildein Bild
ein Bildein Bild
Rocco's first day out - 3/3/2007

Rocco went around the ring like a trooper and just stood like a rock as the Judges from the Open and Championship shows went over him. All the noise from the generators as well as barking dogs were all taken in Rocco's stride.

At Rocco's second show out he won Baby Puppy in Group under Mrs D. Jovanovic (Qld). Rocco didn't put a foot wrong - he is such a little performer.

ein Bild
Rocco winning his first Baby in Group Award

Rocco has the ideal lifestyle - eat, sleep, show, play and of course swim. Rocco just loves our pool and likes to go in for the occasional swim (under supervision of course).

ein Bild

As of the 3rd May Rocco has gone to live with Travis and Meliah (owners of Rocco's brother Frosty - TULARRAHBLUE FIRE NFROST who went over the Rainbow Bridge early in Febuary 2007). In our hearts we know that Rocco couldn't be in better hands and will more than likely be one spoilt "yuppy puppy".

Rocco's winning results of his show career which started on the 3rd March 2007 through to 22nd April 2007 are -

  • 12 Baby Dog Class Winner.
  • 4 Baby Puppy of Breed Winner.
  • 1 Best Baby Puppy in Group Winner. 
    More picture's of "Rocco" on our "Photo Gallery" Page.





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