Hi from time to time we may have a Siberian that may need to be rehoused and age could range, So if you are interested in an older Sibeirian please letus know, But you must have secure fencing and in some cases we would like to verify that your fencing is suitable to keep the Siberian in your yard.

The only cost associated with this is if the Siberian is entire after a months trial and if you are then happy to keep the Siberian you will be required to have the Siberian Desexed and thats not negotible, We have also learnt that giving a Siberian away for free doesnt have the same respect given to it most times as compared to one people have paid for so also with that in mind we would ask you make a donation to the Animal Welfare league at Ipswich so they can continue their great work in helping dogs.

So if you think you would like an older Siberian please let us know and we will from time to time post on this page any that may be available.

Thanks for reading.

One male Siberian he is an entire male 16 months of age so is still a big puppy, Timid as he doesent seem to have been socialized but is ok with other dogs and people once he gets to know you but had been escaping from his previous yard, So would need a proper fence and extra attention given to him to gain his confidance, if interested let me know. 27.08.2013 pictures below are of him.

He has a beautiful natire but is very unsure of strangers so will need a lot of reassurance the photos are about two weeks old




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