Welcome to the world of our Alaskan Malamutes - Mac & Gemma


Sire-Almytee Alaskan Assasin(AI) Dam-Aust Ch Aneeak Atz Krystal Clear 
   (TURBO)                                              (KRYSTAL) 
 (2004 - 2006)                                       (2001 - 2006)

Well, where do I begin, one day I was giving our daughter Angela (Almytee Alaskan Malamute Kennels) a hand bathing and grooming this particular litter of Alaskan Malamute fur balls so they could have their pictures taken. I was bathing and Angela drying, well that's what was suppose to happen until Angela was called away, so guess who had to dry the puppies too - "ME".   

Came time for this particular little puppy to be blow dried so on the grooming table he went, turned the dryer on and whack - he hit me in the head with his paw.  Naughty little thing I thought, so I continued drying him and all of a sudden he was fleaing my head, giving me a mouthful of whoo whoos and still trying to whack me with his paw. Wow, this little man had spunk and I like my dogs to have a bit of attitude and personality - he won my heart and I just had to have him. So now ALMYTEE E.I.E.I.O also known as Mac (like in the nursery rhyme "Old MacDonald had a farm, E.I.E.I.O") now lives here with us at TULARRAHBLUE.

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Mac's show career started out slowly in Baby Puppy Class (3 to 6 months of age) as his sister Lexi (Almytee E.S.P) beat him for Baby of Breed on most occasions, then suddenly Mac was on a roll having won - 1 Baby in Show award and 2 Baby in Utility Group (Group 6) awards as well as several Baby of Breed awards.

ein Bild
Mac as a puppy & Karen

Soon Mac was to old to compete in Baby Puppy class and had to go up into another age group where Mac can compete against other Alaskan Malamutes for what is known as Challenges and Best of Breed Certificates (both have points allocated towards obtaining an Australian Champion title) so I thought which class should I put Mac in - Minor Puppy (6 to under 9 months) or Puppy Class (6 to under 12 months), well because of his size (big puppy) I put him in Puppy Class and Mac's results have been outstanding even beating 2 "Best Exhibit in Show" winning Alaskan Malamutes whilst Mac was 7 months of age.

ein Bild
Mac (9 months old) at the Carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba

Mac's results whilst he was in Puppy Class are -

  • 11 Best of Breed Certificates (total of 87 points - needs 13 more to become a Australian Champion)
  • Numerous Puppy of Breed Awards
  • 16 Puppy in Group Awards
  • 2 Puppy in Show Awards
  • 3 Puppy Sweepstakes (6 to under 12 months)
Mac has had a wonderful show career through out 2006 along with all of his wins Mac also obtained No 1 Puppy (National Solawind Pointscore-Alaskan Malamute 2006), No 8 placing for Group 6 (Showdogs-All Breeds 2006) as well as No 9 placing for the State of Queensland (Showdogs-All Breeds 2006) and 24th ranking (Dogzonline-Alaskan Malamute 2006) and 45th ranking (Showdogs-All Breeds 2006) overall throughout Australia.

As Mac had a birthday recently and turned 1 year old and he is now too old for Puppy Class, so he now competes in the Junior Class (9 to under 18 months).

Mac's results whilst in Junior class have been -
  • Gained his AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION title -12/05/2007
  • Best of Breed Certificate
  • 1 Runner Up of Breed
  • 1 Challenge Dog
  • 1 Reserve Challenge Dog
  • 1 Best Dog (Open Show)
  • 4 Junior of Breed

    Mac has impeccable movement, style and reach as shown here at 14 months of age.
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ein Bildein Bild
Mac & Karen at a Conformation Show at Durack - 3/3/2007

Mac loves having his picture taken as you can see - it's like he thinks he is - Mac the Model instead of Mac the Malamute.
Must admit we think Mac is a handsome boy too.

ein Bildein Bild
Mac at 15 months old - 18/03/2007

Mac at 3 years old (2009)

We now show Mac in the Australian Bred age group with some excellent results -

  • Best Australian Bred in Show winner (Champ Shows)
  • Multi Best Exhibit in Group winner (Champ Shows)
  • Multi Best of Breed winner (Champ Shows)
  • Multi Challenge Dog winner (Champ Shows)
  • Multi Reserve Challenge Dog winner (Champ Shows)

  • Multi Runner Up of Breed winner (Champ Shows)

  • Multi Best Australian Bred of Breed (Champ Shows)

  • Best Dog winner (Open Shows)

  • Multi Best of Breed winner (Open Shows) 
  • Best Australian Bred in Group (Open Show)

    Angela showing Mac at the Laidley Ag Show 11/07/2009

    Mac & Karen being awarded Best of Breed and Best Australian Bred of Breed at the Cairns Show Society on the 23/07/2010

On the 4th August 2010 Mac & Karen pictured here with the two Judges at the Sarina Kennel Club Show that awarded them Best Exhibit in Group, Australian Bred in Group followed by Australian Bred in Show. 

We will endeavour to keep you up to date with Mac's results in our "Show Results" page.

On a sad note - both of Mac's parents have now crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, his dad in July of 2006 - ALMYTEE ALASKAN ASSASIN (AI) aka Turbo and his mum in November 2006 - AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION ANEEAK ATZ KRYSTAL CLEAR aka Krystal, both to snake bite - we will always be greatful and remember Turbo and Krystal for producing our beautiful boy (Mac) and our deepest condolences go to our daughter - Angela of ALMYTEE ALASKAN MALAMUTES for the loss of these two beautiful dogs.

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Turbo pictured here with Angela
ein Bildein Bild
More pictures of Mac in our


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1995 - 2002

We had the privilege of knowing and raising Gemma as her breeder Rodney Surawski (Starwind Kennels now known as Darksky) saw the bond that both Angela and Gemma had with each other and gave Gemma to Angela. 

It was because of this bond that Gemma went on to become a Top Winning Alaskan Malamute Bitch in Queensland also Gemma was to become Australia's youngest Alaskan Malamute to be awarded the title of Australian Champion  (not a single six point challenge amongst her title wins too). 

Gemma had won numerous Classes in Show and In Group Awards - both her and Angela always looked good together.

ein Bild
Gemma & Angela (with the Judge) in for Challenge line-up at Durack.

Gemma won the hearts of so many people including Judges - one in particular wanted to take Gemma home with him.

Sadly Gemma passed away in 2002 from a condition called Pyrometria.

With Pyrometria there are 2 types: the first being open version where you get signs and symptoms eg: discharge,  the second is a closed version: no signs or symptoms - this is the version Gemma had. By the time we noticed Gemma wasn't her usual happy go lucky self and rushed her to the vets, Gemma passed away 20 minutes later in their office with Angela and Karen by her side.

The beautiful Gemma Bear was cremated and bought home where she will always be - with us where ever we go.

More pictures of Gemma in our






Chief Stewards (Dog Section) for the Esk Show Society Since 2000 - Current
Chief Stewards (Dog Section) for the Lowood Show Society 2009/2010
Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc starts it's Show Training nights on Wednesday nights at 7.30 pm at the Coominya Recreation Reserve for those interested in attending please phone club President Alan-John Knight. Always looking for new members to the Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc if you would like to join Membership is only $6 per year please email me.
May 2008 Alan-John Appointed as a committee member to Canine Control Council's Judicial Tribunal Committee

2009 Karen appointed Life Membership to Lockyer Valley Kennel Club INC for her hard work.

2010 Alan-John appointed Life Membership to Lockyer Valley Kennel Club INC for all his hard work.

2012 Alan-John appointed Councillor - Canine Control Council

2013 Alan-John appointed to the Dog of the Year Committee.
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