It all started with Alan buying Karen her first Siberian as a Anniversary present from a breeder in South East Queensland. Alan not knowing any better bought our first one at this stage without papers and the breeder asked us if we wanted to "SHOW" Mesha to which Karen eagerly said "YES", only to be told if we wanted Mesha's papers then that would be another $400 dollars plus the $10 transfer fee as well.

We didn't know back then that this breeder who is still a member of the Canine Control Council today had to supply us with the pedigree papers to which there is no additional cost for them and that she was actually breaking the CCC rules, so not knowing any better we paid the additional $400 dollars to get the papers so Karen could then show Mesha and from that the rest of our Sibe Tribe Family grew to what is now known as TULARRAHBLUE.

Our children grew to love the breed as much as us with our daughter Angela helping to show our dogs as well as competing in Junior Handlers with great success. Angela was asked to show other people's dogs and from that people were paying Angela to show their dogs so with the money she saved from handling Angela had enough to buy her very own Siberian Husky - (Icewind Mystic Moonshay - aka Shay) to which Angela campaigned Shay to "Australian Champion" status and from this Angela has gone from strength to strength to where Angela now exhibits and breeds Alaskan Malamutes under her own prefix - ALMYTEE Alaskan Malamutes.
Angela with her Siberian - Shay
ein Bild
Picture taken in 1996

Our son Travis has shown his share of Siberians and other breeds which he too has had a few wins as well but doesn't have the same passion and drive for showing as the girls do. Nowdays Travis would rather be working with computors.

 Travis and Shay - winning Handlers Class 
ein Bild
Picture taken 1996




Chief Stewards (Dog Section) for the Esk Show Society Since 2000 - Current
Chief Stewards (Dog Section) for the Lowood Show Society 2009/2010
Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc starts it's Show Training nights on Wednesday nights at 7.30 pm at the Coominya Recreation Reserve for those interested in attending please phone club President Alan-John Knight. Always looking for new members to the Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc if you would like to join Membership is only $6 per year please email me.
May 2008 Alan-John Appointed as a committee member to Canine Control Council's Judicial Tribunal Committee

2009 Karen appointed Life Membership to Lockyer Valley Kennel Club INC for her hard work.

2010 Alan-John appointed Life Membership to Lockyer Valley Kennel Club INC for all his hard work.

2012 Alan-John appointed Councillor - Canine Control Council

2013 Alan-John appointed to the Dog of the Year Committee.
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