Keep checking from time to time to see "What's Happening" at TULARRAHBLUE - from gaining Australian Titles, maybe a litter announcement or anything else that's happened over the years.


  • 4th July 2010 - Again there is heartache here at TULARRAHBLUE as our gorgous Siberian Kelsey - TULARRAHBLUE ALLFIRED UP (aka as Little P as in Princess) sadly died in my arms early this morning. I'd like to think that she died from a broken heart and really missed the greatest love of her life Cruz - TULARRAHBLUE CRUZ RULZ.  Thankyou Cruz and Kelsey for giving us some beautiful and sometimes naughty kids to carry on you legacy.     Goodbye my lovely Kelsey.             I'll miss you my LITTLE P...............

  • 29th June 2010 - In the early hours of this morning I held my beautiful Siberian Cruz - TULARRAHBLUE CRUZ RULZ in my arms until his heartbeat slowly ceased, telling him how much I loved him and thanking him for the wonderful but sometimes naughty kids he produced. Cruz was 5 months short of turning 11 and still a fighter till the end. He had a beautiful black coat and wonderful movement but alas he was not a big fan of the show ring - his choice not mine so became my stud muffin for some of my girls passing on his cockyness and good looks to his kids.
    So for just over 10 and a half years Cruz lived life to the fullest and definately lived up to his name - Tularrahblue Cruz Rulz...........Farewell my baby...........................
  • 27th December 2009 - Another heartfelt loss today as our girl Sharona - TULARRAHBLUE MY SHARONA slipped away peacefully in the arms of our daughter Angela. Sharona had just turned 9 years old the week before. Your children will carry on your beautiful nature Sharona especially Clair Bear. Miss your kisses "Sharona".
  • August 2009 - TULARRAHBLUE CHOCOLATE ECLAIR - Clair Bear arrives back home. 
  • 10th July 2009 - Our gorgous girl Holly - TULARRAHBLUE RISING STAR passed away suddenly at the age of 2 1/2years. There was no indication that anything was wrong with Holly and we didn't have the heart to have an autopsy done on her to find out why. Holly will live on through her son Dillon (who is just as cheeky as Holly was as a pup). Run free our "Water Baby" Holly......
  • 29th May 2009 - It is with tearfilled eyes and a breaking heart that I farewelled my very first Siberian - RUBIS AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION ARCTICAURORA NANTAN LUPAN (aka Mesha). Mesha was only six months shy of his 15th birthday. Mesha was the quiet leader of my feral furballs, he use to let his buddy Conan (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION WEISH GEEWIZ WIZ KID) think he was top dog and when things got too out of hand Mesha would stand up, walk over to where the trouble was and then let the stirrers have it. The stars in the sky are bright to-night they call to Mesha and show him the light - Farewell my Mesha Man.........

  • 11th March 2009 - Today we said farewell to our beautiful girl Flame - TATHAR CIANTHUIS MIST. Flame passed away peacefully just 3 months shy of her 13th birthday. Flame passed on her good looks to her daughter Holly. We will forever miss your spunky attitude - Flame aka Mrs Bossy Boots.
  • 12th May 2007 - Some happy news finally, our Alaskan Malamute ALMYTEE E.I.E.I.O (Mac) whilst still in Junior Class (9 and under 18 months of age) gained his Australian Title today and will now be known as AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION ALMYTEE E.I.E.I.O - way to go Mac.
  • 3rd May 2007 - Today our Rocco - TULARRAHBLUE GHOST RIDER went to live with Travis and Meliah (owners of little Frosty) as Rocco was Frosty's big brother. We will miss Rocco but we know what a wonderful home Rocco will have being spoilt by Travis and Meliah.

  • 23rd April 2007 - Is a very sad day as we said farewell to our beautiful boy Conan -AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION WEISH GEE WIZ WIZKID. Conan was a dog so full of "Attitude and Spunk", of which his children, grand children and great grand children have inherited from him. There is another new star in the heavens tonight and it too will always shine brightest in our hearts lighting the way. GOOD-BYE LITTLE MAN.

  • 1st March 2007 - Our Alaskan Malamute ALMYTEE E.I.E.I.O (Mac) was No 1 Puppy (National Solawind Pointscore-Alaskan Malamute 2006), No 8 placing for Group 6 (Showdogs-All Breeds 2006) as well as No 9 placing for the State of Queensland (Showdogs-All Breeds 2006) and 24th ranking (Dogzonline-Alaskan Malamute 2006) and 45th ranking (Showdogs-All Breeds 2006) overall throughout Australia.
  • 22nd February 2007 - TULARRAHBLUE FIRE NFROST - Frosty passed away today from what we think was a bad reaction to his second vaccination he recieved the day before. Farewell Frosty our little friend for a new star will shine in the heavens tonight and it will always shine brightest in our hearts. Thankyou Travis and Meliah for giving Frosty your love and spoiling him for the short time he was your baby.            

  • As of the 4th Febuary 2007 our babies (other than the ones we are keeping) have now gone to their new forever homes - We here at TULARRAHBLUE wish each one of our puppy people many years of "happiness" with your new edition.





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